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Perron Contracting exceeds your needs whether it be requires 5 pieces of heavy equipment or 50. With over 70 skilled employees, equipment and on site service we can ramp up to any size project.


Perron Contracting has operated in Sioux Lookout for over 10 years and has exceeded the expectations of all of our Clients and Partners. Please see Our Partner Page. We look forward to working with you.

Community Involvement

Perron Contracting is locally owned and operated and has strong ties in the Sioux Lookout area and strong relationships with the far North and the Remote Northern First Nation Communities


Perron Contracting has a great many Aggregate Sites that allow us to provide all of the highest quality material to ensure the best result possible. Please see our aggregate information page.

Perron Contracting

Perron Contracting is 100 % First Nation Owned and one of Northwestern Ontario's largest contractors. We are Celebrating its 20th year in Operation as an amalgamated company. We are a full Service Contracting Company Located in Sioux Lookout Ontario. We specialize in jobs that require heavy equipment , Rail Track Maintenance, 24 /7 Emergency Rail Service, Road Work , Culvert removal and installation, Forestry (stump to dump) Remote Road and Bridge Construction, Heavy Equipment Training, Float Services, Mechanical Services and much more. We have incredibly strong ties to the community both in Sioux Lookout and to our Remote Northern Communities. .
We have long term working relationships with Lac Seul First Nation, many Remote Northern Communities, the Municipality of Sioux Lookout, Ministy of Transportation, Sioux Lookout Area Aboriginal Board, Canadian National Railroad and many others.


Perron Contracting Specializes in a Contracting Projects in Northern Ontario. We have worked closely with the MTO for 8 years and going strong, We also work closely with Lac Seul First Nations, SLAAMB (Sioux Lookout Area Aboriginal Management Board). We have completed a variety of jobs ranging from remote airport rejuvination, large and small culvert installation, Forestry, Heavy Equipment Training courses, and much more... We are a local employer and are in the process of formalizing our Hiring Innitiave and Training Programme with Lac Seul First Nation

  • Rail Maintenance and 24 /7 Emergency Rail Service
  • Excavators
  • Road Construction
  • Rail Maintenance and 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Remote Airport Airport
  • Clearing Right of Way
  • Float Services (Flat Deck and Step Deck)
  • Aggregates
  • Forestry (Stump to Dump)
  • Building Remote and Temporary Roads
  • Remote Bridges
  • Excavators and Operators
  • CofA for Contaminant Spills
  • Heavy Equipment Training
  • Garbage Removal and Disposal

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Our Blog Posts

Perron Contracting is Proud to Sponsor the Sioux North High School Boys Hockey Team

Posted: N. Costello / Date: 12 Nov 2019 / Category: Design

Perron Contracting is Proud to Sponsor Hoesa Mamequa.

Posted: Kerley / Date: 24 Jul 2019 / Category: Artwork

Cedar Bay Hay Donation

Posted: N. Costello / Date: 07 May 2017 / Category: Design

Perron Contracting is Proud to Sponsor Hoesa Mamequa.

Posted: Kerley / Date: 24 Jul 2019 / Category: Artwork

Perron Contracting supports Natasha Lawson

Posted: Nick / Date: 16 Jul 2019 / Category: Branding

Cedar Bay Stables would like to acknowledge Perron Construction for their generous donation of time and materials to help the horses of Cedar Bay through their recent dilemma of a hay shortage. Their assistance at this crucial time was well appreciated and goes to enforce the town of Sioux Lookout businesses coming to the rescue of valuable assets for the community. Without the continued support of the community, such positive community organizations would not exist and we are very grateful to Perron Construction for coming to the rescue on this issue. Mike O ' Brien

Perron Contracting is Proud of its ongoing support of Hosea Mamakwa. Hosea is an avid hochey player currently playing in Nippissing Ontario. He has completed the Perron Heavy Equipment Training Course and is a valued Peron Contracting Employee. We wish him all the best in the upcomming season

Perron Contracting is Proud to support Natasha Lawson with her hockey dreams. Netasha is from Lac Seul and is currently playing for the Thunder Bay Queens Hockey Team.

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